Wishes Come True

Here are some stories of wishes that have been granted recently.

Lauren’s Wish

Lauren in her new wheelchair

Lauren in her new wheelchair

“I am and forever will be grateful to Genie’s Wish for granting the wish of my new wheelchair. It is more than just a piece of equipment: it is an extension of myself, much like a superhero's costume.”

Lauren suffers from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which means her joints dislocate often and she heals very slowly. Lauren has been in 24/7 pain since 2005.

When her grandparents wrote to us asking for our help to provide a comfortable and more modern wheelchair for Lauren, we spun into action to grant her wish. With the help of our loyal supporters, we were able to provide Lauren with the wheelchair she needed. Read her inspiring words here:

“I was in desperate need of a new wheelchair, my old one made spending anything more than 45 minutes in it agony. The canvas wouldn’t hold its support, the wheels had an embarrassing squeal, and the frame had bent itself inches out of shape beyond a safe level. I needed a new one, but each specification increased the price, and I had no way to fund it. Finding out Nan and Grandad had applied to Genie’s Wish for me was incredible. I’d finally be able to be comfortable and confident again (or as much as possible with social anxiety), and a huge weight had been lifted. I am and forever will be grateful to Genie’s Wish for granting the wish of my wheelchair, it is more than just a piece of equipment, it is an extension of myself much like a superhero's costume. More things seem possible, a whole new world of opportunity awaited and longer times outside are possible without pain and numbness caused by the old inadequate wheelchair. My new wheelchair means that I can go to the local wildlife park for a day out, I can comfortably travel to hospital appointments with my chair secured in the transport ambulance, and I don’t feel as much of an eyesore. With hope now of the world opening up again from the devastation of the pandemic, I am very much looking forward to getting out exploring again, going to the forest or a stroll along the seaside, and hopefully performing again.”

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